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Wilderness Hunting Consultants Hunt Cape BuffaloALASKAN BROWN BEAR: Hunting takes place on Admiralty Island in the spring of the year. There are ten hunting days with each hunter having his own personal guide. Hunting is done primarily from Zodiak rubber rafts where hunter and guide scout for mature bears.

ALBERTA CANADA WHITETAIL DEER: Hunting takes place in Northern Alberta, Canada with two on one guide basis and hunting done by either spot and stalk or stand hunting. Whitetail deer in the 150 plus class are taken on a regular basis and success rate based on past clients is about 70%. Any hunter wishing to harvest a large whitetail deer should consider this opportunity.

BRITISH COLUMBIA SHEEP OR MIXED BAG: We offer several hunting opportunities in BC for both sheep only and combo hunts for sheep, goat, moose, caribou, elk, mule deer wolf and black bear. Hunting on most of the Northern BC hunts are one on one guide basis which enables hunters to Wilderness Hunting Consultants Hunt Alligatorconcentrate on one or multiple species and therefore have a much higher chance of success. Hunts of this type usually run from $4000 to $21,000. Hunts can be tailor fitted to your time and pocketbook.

AFRICA: This is one of the biggest opportunities today for hunters wishing to get the most for their dollar. African hunting offers many species from plains game to the worlds most dangerous game, sometimes all on the same hunt. This is an area where a hunter can harvest up to ten different trophy species at a cost of less than what it would cost for one hunt to the Northwest. We offer hunts for the African Big Five as well as all plains game. Hunting opportunities on the dark continent start at about $4500.

COLORADO, WYOMING, IDAHO, MONTANA, UTAH: Hunting opportunities in the west for elk, mule deer and antelope are at all time high with several hunters heading west each year. We offer many private land and Wilderness Area hunts in all of these states as well as private land elk hunting in New Mexico. We can help you with license applications. Some areas over the counter licensing and there is no need to sweat the "LUCK OF THE DRAW." If elk, mule deer and antelope are your bag give us as a call and get started on that next dream hunt.

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