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	 years of experience in sending sport hunters around the world on some of the best hunting and fishing trips available today.

Wilderness Hunting Consultants Hunt Grizzly Wilderness Hunting Consultants

Wilderness Hunting Consultants Hunt Kuduilderness Hunting Consultants are full time booking agents with over 50 combined years of experience in sending sport hunters around the world on some of the best hunting and fishing trips available today. We represent outfitters from many foreign countries as well as many of the States. Our services include lining your trip up with the best outfitters in the field of sport hunting today. We can tailor fit and customize your hunting or fishing excursion to fit the number of days you have available, species desired on one hunt and let you know the possibility of doing what you want to do with the time you have available and the funds you wish to spend.

We will help you obtain special license and permit applications when applicable, secure your airline tickets at the best available prices, get needed motel and hotel rooms and even help you arrange for shipment of your trophies home to you.

The service we offer include fully guided trips as well as semi-guided trips and an occasional do it yourself drop camp. We offer hunts for most types of game in areas where they are indigenous to that area but also work with species that have been transplanted and are non-indigenous to certain hunting areas.

One important benefit of our services is that they are of NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU and that all of our fees are covered completely by the outfitter whom we represent.

Wilderness Hunting Consultants Hunt Whitetail DeerAlthough Wilderness Hunting Consultants cannot guarantee your game we can surely do everything that we possibly can to assure you that we will put you with the best outfitters for any particular species in any given part of the world where that species can be hunted. Our many years of experience as well as our previous contacts and in many cases experiencing hunting with our outfitters ourselves helps to give us a first hand knowledge of where to send you and what your chances of success should be.

We now offer hunting trips to almost all of the Canadian Provinces, Russia, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Africa, Mongolia, China and most states in the USA. Examples of our hunting opportunities include:

ALASKA: Brown Bear, Moose, Caribou, Grizzly and Dall Sheep

CANADA: Elk, Stone Sheep, Grizzly Bear, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Moose, Caribou, Mountain Goat

RUSSIA: Snow Sheep, Kamchatka Bighorn Sheep, Brown Bear, Moose, Caribou, Ibex, and Wolf

NEW ZEALAND: Tahr, Chamois, Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Wild Goats and Bird Shooting

AFRICA: Elephant, Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Lion and all species of Plains Game

UNITED STATES: Elk, Moose, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Bighorn Sheep, Coues Deer, Javelina, Wild Boar, Bird Shooting and Fishing

EXOTICS: All species of huntable Exotics. Hunting available on our first class ranches in Texas, including free-range Aoudad Sheep.

This above list only scratches the surfaces of what we have to offer. For specific desires or any particular type of hunting and fishing excursions be sure to write or call us. If we do not have anything for you it will be very unusual.

Wilderness Hunting Consultants Hunt Antelope

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